Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hung gar and hungry to animate

I'm especially excited lately to begin working on a hung-gar/kung-fu animation. I've always super loved kung-fu movies and any sort of martial arts film and art. All the different movements eat me alive, and I don't really know what to do with myself.

When I was younger, it was frustrating because I always wanted to copy the kung-fu I was watching and put it on paper. But all the movements were so hard, that it's real easy for a kid to get discouraged - nawm sayin?

Drawing the actual moves aren't too hard anymore these days as I'm getting older; but animating it is a whole different story. In my mind, I'm always really ambitious about what I'm gunna animate, and how I want it all to look - but alas, my abilities only go so far. So, what was in my mind, and what's on paper are often pretty different in quality.

I'm real excited about this one, because I wanna see if I can make all the fluid movements successfully, and not only this but keep my characters readable.

The last animation I did was one of a guy doing crip walk, which I referenced with a bunch of youtube videos of others doing their c-walk thang. [below]

So we'll see how long this'll take me to finish. To achieve one second of animation typically takes 12 or 24 drawings (I'm going to use the 12 drawings to 1 second ratio). I've pulled some pretty epic drawing speed before, especially when pressured. Sometimes, a 10 second animation will take me months to complete. Other times, it'll only take three days.