Saturday, April 4, 2009

my fab 3 in D

So as of lates, i've been thinking really hard about 3D animation, and I've been really passionate about the following three. I'm not gonna lie, I used to be a little indifferent about 3d, because I was brought up around the 2D stuff and it was hard to accept all the 3D nonsense.

--- this is where i wrote a bunch of stuff and remembered that everytime i write more than a paragraph, i feel like i'm rambling. I'm a talker, not a writer.

Keep in mind that there's always mad respect for films like Toy Story, Bug's Life, um... all those others. But these movies have been the ones that've been really catching my attention lately, yeh. Good beans

My fab 3:

    So this one's pretty obvious. I HATEHATEHATE to be such a trendwhore, but it seems that all my animation pals are in love with the incredibles (and with good reason)!

    To me, The Incredibles has such a unique sense of personality that I just can't see existing anywhere else. The confusion, the indifference, the underhanded anger on a character's face is so priceless.

    If you don't come out of this movie feeling like you were just sucked into a completely different world, then you need a prescription for anti-prick. Like, today.

    Also, I have seen this movie about... a lot of times (big whoop, rite?). But i still have to admit that I always get so caught up in the direction and cinematography. Basically, i just nut up. End here pls.

  2. SURF'S UP
    I LOVE Surf's Up. I laugh every time. Before I go on rambling, take note that I am a complete sucker for small little gestures that make a big difference. Just like The Incredibles, Surf's Up is absolute dank in depicting emotion and gestures.

    Especially in the first ten-some minutes of the movie, (the interview segment) Cody's quiet anger and his awkward quirks/tendencies are the dopest dope.

    Most of all though, especially during the first half of the movie, I am in love with the documentary style filming of the movie. Everytime i think about it, i am so taken aback by the idea of an animated character being interviewed for a documentary, as though they live in their own world, breathing their own air --- because you know, in a lot of ways, they really do.

    i am barack obama, and i approve this message

    "Keep moving forward." I swear, it's my only reason for watching it. A few other things, of course (but all those points have been covered by the last two movies).

    The entire movie is basically an epic build up to the Walt Disney quote at the end. Watching Meet the Robinsons feels like... a very pleasant hug from all your closest friends.