Wednesday, July 15, 2009

alright, alright. i triiiied~ but i have to admit in pure honesty that i am just having a difficult time with the cats. i'm trying! we'll figure it out. but right now, i tell ya - this is new lol


Kari said...

o-o those drawings are incredible.
are they life drawings?

I think you actually captured the cheetah very well! You got it's long thin body, and the face looks great. :3

tiffany ford said...

wow, kari thanks!! :D
i got themmm by youtubing cheetahs rofl
and watching them move around
(does that count, do you think? lol i'm not really sure)

i'm not used to drawing animals, so i'm not too comfortable just yet

:> but your words are so kind, thank you - it makes me feel much better!

Kari said...

Haha you're welcome! :D I actually think that counts as life drawing. :3 That's a good idea to just study the animal on youtube and draw it, I'm gonna have to do that sometime.

:> Aw you're so welcome! Your style is just...amazing. I love looking at your drawings, they're really inspirational. ^^