Wednesday, July 22, 2009

more hula, that's right! Get at me, hawaii!

Sorry brudduh's and sistas, but i've got crazy jungle fever for hawaii right now. Iono what's gotten into me, :(

but it's brilliant, i love it.

i watched several videos to understand how these lovely ladies move, doing that thing they do, but this video here is my favorite. I think the dancer is just so charming and beautiful, i love her subtlety.

[ embedding for this video was disabled, so we're gonna have to keep it hood around here and work with the clickable .jpeg's - nawm sayin? Clickity click. ]

I love to mute these hula videos and dub over with some Jack Johnson or IZ Kamakawiwo'ole ~ is that bad? lol, they're good poeple


Kari said...

Wow that girl is beautiful, I lovelovelove Hawaiians and their dancing. Gosh you captured her so well in those drawings. :)

Thanks for posting that video! ahh you're such an inspiration.

tiffany ford said...

yes! omgosh isn't she the most charming thing ever??
thank you so much~ she was just too great not to draw! :)

p.s. are you in Csssa this year?

Kari said...

;3; I wish I was that charming.

Ahh no I'm not in csssa, when I first discovered it the deadline to apply was already past. ): I just take a life drawing class 3 days a week. I wish though!

Were you in csssa? I hear it helps a lot. D:

tiffany ford said...

lol oh, ikr >:I we'll never reach such levels of charm! may God bless you, hawaiian woman!

yes~ i was in csssa. it really does help a lot, but in ways you wouldn't really expect? it's pretty great, :>
will you apply next year?

the way i see your stuff, i think you have a great chance of getting in! :D

Kari said...

Ahhh I really wish I could have gone this summer. ): Well...I think if I don't get into calarts for next year then I'll apply for csssa, but if I do get in then I should probably save my money for the tuition and such. x)

You think I have a good chance of getting into csssa? Or calarts? x) Either way, thank youu! ;3;